Relapse among substance abusers a study in selected drug de addiction and rehabilitation centres, Heinrich Hartmann, 9781805450832


A Society must need to progress and that progress should also be ardently aware of its social problems which are not desired by a civilised and educated society. The scenery of social problems in India is somehow similar to other civilised countries of the world, except certain problems are differently perceived due to cultural differences across India. Substance abuse is not just a drug or alcohol-related problem, intergenerational or criminal behaviour problem. It is the most severe psycho-social problems that are faced by our society nowadays. There are several misunderstanding and confusion about the problem of substance abuse and relapse in that, and there is also a lack of awareness and transparency regarding the problem in our society. There are some differences of opinions too about how to deal with this problem or how to treat and control the menace. Some families still do not know about the available resources to cure or arrest the problem. The community is also perplexed with the problem. The teachers in school and colleges are also sometimes not able to solve those substance abuse-related problems. The drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centres are trying to deal with substance abuse and relapse cases. The members of those centres recognise the types of problem and then apply the necessary treatment process with several sets of programmes and services to cope with these problems.

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