Requirements-Based Methodology for Determining Age Inventory Levels, William Popple, 9781249831044


The purpose of this research was to illuminate crucial areas in analyzing AGE needs on an operational flightline and assist in determination of AGE inventory levels. Further refinements could result in more objective and accurate assessments of actual flightline AGE needs and associated risks involved with reduction of AGE inventory levels.The research in this thesis consists of a discrete event simulation to determine desired AGE inventory level through an analysis of aircraft launches and wait time for AGE support by varying AGE (mean time between failure) MTBF and AGE inventory. Stochastic inputs for aircraft failures, AGE delivery times, and AGE MTBF were used. The scope of this effort was primarily concerned with an appropriate methodology to determine actual AGE requirements through analysis of consumption patterns and risk to reach a desired service level. The result of this effort was a defined methodological approach in determination of AGE levels that could be applied across aircraft and AGE type.

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