Revisiting Pedagogy, Xesha Khumalo, 9786200619075

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The major aim of the present book is to revisit the concept, meaning, definitions, perspectives and form of pedagogy. For this purpose, I have made in-depth study of the related literature during the course of the study. First of all, the present book explored the term pedagogue, pedagogy and perspectives of the pedagogy. Secondly, an attempt has been made to define the term pedagogy. This book, further, analyze the various aspects such as perspectives on pedagogy which comprises of the fixed perspective, fluid perspective, and transformative perspective. Accordingly, three forms of pedagogy such as traditional teacher centered pedagogy, progressive learner centered pedagogy and critical pedagogy have also presented in this book. These three form of pedagogy, further, described on the basis of teachers role, learners role and instructional practices. On the other hand, three major pedagogical approaches: the traditional teacher-centered, the progressive student-centered and the critical pedagogy are also scrutinized in-depth. In a nutshell, this book explored the concept, definition, form of the pedagogy.

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