Senior Army Logistician Preparedness for Expeditionary Theater Opening and Theater Distribution Operations, Lee, Mark A, MD, 9781288318339


The most critical component to theater opening and distribution is the strategic-to-operational seam. Covering this seam are four U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) deployment and distribution capabilities. These capabilities include the Joint Task Force Port Opening (JTF-PO), the Joint Deployment and Distribution Operation Center (JDDOC), the Director Mobility Forces-Air (DIRMOBFOR-A), and the Director Mobility Forces-Surface (DIRMOBFOR-S). This monograph employed the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff (CJCS) joint learning continuum to assess U.S. Army Senior Logistician preparedness to plan, execute and control theater opening and distribution operations. In the context of the four USTRANCOM capabilities, and through the lens of the U.S. Army logistics colonel, assessed was the completeness of joint doctrine, U.S. Army Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), joint assignment opportunities, and performance during the U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM)-led and U.S. Army Battle Command Training Program (BCTP) simulation exercise.

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