Strength and How to Obtain It, Sandy Green, 9781540620811

Author: Sandy Green
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Strength And How To Obtain It was Eugen Sandow’s first commercial book, and it helped to establish him as the most famous and commercially successful circus strongman in the world. Sandow was also in a very real sense the first modern bodybuilder; and he gained fame in Edison’s early movies and on the vaudeville stage. Sandow counted as his friends the Kings and Queens of Europe, presidents and much of artistic and intelligencia of the West; and in fact with his Physical Culture Schools, Books, Magazine, Exercise Systems and Devices (Sandow Grip dumbbells and Sandow Elastic Exerciser etc) he popularised and educated people everywhere about the benefits of the healthy lifestyle to be obtained through proper exercise and good food. Each RADLEY CLASSIC is a meticulously restored, luxurious and faithful reproduction of a classic book; produced with elegant text layout, clarity of presentation, and stylistic features that make reading a true pleasure. Special attention is given to legible fonts and adequate letter sizing, correct line length for readability, generous margins and triple lead (lavish line separation); plus we do not allow any mistakes/changes/ additions to creep into the original author’s words. Visit RADLEY BOOKS at to see more classic book titles in this series.

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