Teaching as Protest: Emancipating Classrooms Through Racial Consciousness, Amina Charania, 9781032024394


Teaching as Protest explores how K-12 teachers can expand the boundaries of their profession with anti-oppressive, community-building pedagogies. Now more than ever, students are looking to their schools to make meaning of our nations complicated and compounded traumas, namely those at the intersection of race, class, gender, and power. This book provides historical and philosophical perspectives into liberatory instructional work, while offering planning, preparation, and practice tools whose modalities recognize identity and mindsets, emphasizing schools that predominantly serve Black students. By moving beyond conventional tools and tasks such as standards, lesson-planning, and grade-team meetings and into more emancipatory, student-centered approaches, teachers can answer the call to a more just and radical demonstration of protest intended to disrupt and dismantle oppression, racism, and bias.

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