Teaching Social Foundations of Education: Contexts, Theories, and Issues (Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education), Sharon L. Senk, 9780805851458


This book is the first comprehensive, critical examination of the theory and pedagogy of the field of social foundations of education and its relevance and role within teacher education. Teaching Social Foundations of Education: Contexts, Theories, and Issues: Articulates central questions in the field–such as “What is social foundations?”; “Is there a social foundations cannon?”; “Is it possible to teach for social justice?”; “What is student resistance?”; Explores the limits and possibilities of teaching social foundations of education; Provides strong arguments for the continued relevance of the discipline for teacher education; Features a variety of clearly presented, theoretically grounded models for teaching social foundations within teacher education programs–including aesthetic education and eco-justice perspectives, the use of community-based oral histories, and experiential learning activities; Provides concrete examples, actual syllabi, and a host of additional resources to help faculty teach, publish, and do research; and Proposes new directions for research and dialogue within the field. This volume is an ideal entrance into the field for graduate students, junior faculty, and professors from other areas of education who are teaching social foundations field for the first time.

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