The Church Stimulus Package: Jump Start Your Ministry and Revitalize Your Church, Jorie Johansen, 9781452039442


Whether you are a pastor, seminary student, minister, Christian education specialist, or lay person this book is a complete source for assisting and guiding you through the steps of creating The Church Stimulus Package that Will Jump Start your Ministry and Revitalize Your Church; numerable, physically, and financially. This book gives you all the tools you need to revitalize a stagnant declining ministry. Offering proven methods, the author shows you how to create, conduct, and implement a Congregational Assessment tailored to your church particular problem or problems. Covering everything from analyzing your congregation’s resources to overcoming obstacles and problems, this realistic, hands on guide will definitely Jump Start Your declining Ministry and Revitalize Your Church. The economy of the United States was in shamble; then on January 13, 2008 President Barack Obama unveiled a plan to revitalize the United States economy in the short-term with a stimulus package that he said will immediately inject billions into the economy. This book is a practical step by step resource based upon 38 years of experience, sound biblical foundation, and academic research. This book contains the prescription, is a must read, and will be useful for pastors sincerely interested in strengthening and revitalizing a church in decline numerable, financially, and or physically.

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