The Convergence of Distance and Conventional Education: Patterns of Flexibility for the Individual Learner (Routledge Studies in Distance Education), Steve Herne, 9780415194280

Author: Steve Herne


This text focuses on the convergence of open and distance learning approaches with conventional education, driven to a considerable extent by a range of technologies which support learning and which are being adopted in all sectors. The clear distinctions that existed between ODL and conventional education are now breaking down. Issues arising from the convergence range across access, learning and teaching, management, policy – both institutional and more broadly, technology adoption and evaluation, professional development, costs and economics. This volume provides a range of essays from Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada which analyse the changes arising from convergence which are seen as having the potential to revolutionise the provision of education over the first 30 years of the 21st century.

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