The Experiences of Sa Secondary School Male Educators Own Aggression, Williams, Angela, Aprn Edd, 9783639092004


In South-Africa many articles in magazines and newspapers indicate that aggression has found a place in society and is experienced daily by educators in the schools, examples are provided by newspaper headlines such as: “Pupil in hospital after being belted” and “Bail for teacher accused of death beating”. Some learners and educators encounter verbal insults, rough physical contact and hostile rejection. The analysis of the male educators’ experience of own aggression provides guidelines for educators as a whole which they can utilize to improve and to cope with their own conditions as to overcome the challenges that they face as educators in our diverse cultural education system. This book is of value to secondary school male educators, but it can also be of value to all educators in preventing aggressive behaviour, which is a destructive element in relationships, not only with regard to the learners, but potentially to all stakeholders: educators, educator students, parents, learners or anyone else who is interested in building relationships that can bring about highly effective places of learning – namely, our schools. Dr Albertus J. Botha, studied Psychology of Education at the University of Johannesburg (SA). He is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at North-West University (SA). His field of studies includes Life Orientation, Mental Health, Discipline, Aggression in schools and Psycho-Educational Programme development.

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