The Influences of Learning and Change on Primary PE Teachers, Williams, Angela, Aprn Edd, 9783639094374


With the familiar call to reform in Physical Education, more needs to be known about factors that promote or inhibit change. Increasing the ability of primary Phyical Education teachers to learn and adapt to change is one way of improving the current situation in Physical Education. Teachers” capacity to change and learn is influenced by their personal experiences, school organizations, professional development experiences and communities of practice. This book uses case studies to explore the experiences of primary Phyical Education teachers in order to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that have influenced their values, beliefs and practices. The experiences of each teacher are used to generate a discussion about their influences on the teachers” ability to learn and adapt to change. The concept of communities of practice is used to reflect on how to create more effective learning opportunities for primary Physical Education teachers. Jane Dawson has worked for over 20 years as both classroom and physical education teacher in Australian primary schools. Jane currently teaches in physical education and health at the University of Melbourne and works as a consultant for the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER).

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