The Place of Narrative in the Early Years Currriculum: How the Tale Unfolds, Archer, Louise, 9780415384612


How do young children come to understand the stories they are told? “Narrative in the Early Years Curriculum” argues that children’s ability to understand stories should not be underestimated. Using the results of psychological research, the author clarifies exactly what we know about how children develop narrative competence in the first eight years of their lives. It shows how this body of research can help us to understand just what it is that makes so many story books produced for pre-school children in recent years a success, and what deeper purposes they serve. This book applies this research to day-to-day practice in pre-schools, day nurseries, schools and out of school play care settings. Offering advice on what works, the book will show how good practice based on practical experience is underpinned and clarified by research findings. Furthermore, it will illustrate that an understanding of the development of narrative competence can challenge current ideas on various areas of early years practice, including child protection, health and safety and the consultation of children. Practitioners, researchers and students of early years education will find this a revelatory text.

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