The Radical Winner’s Guide to Victory Over Distraction: How to Avoid, Manage, and Counsel Distracteddepress Victim, Thomas Kingsmill Abbott, 9781724262509


This book, “The Radical Winner’s Guide to Victory over Distraction,” is aimed at resolving the problem of distraction, which militates against human vibrancy in the struggle for wellbeing. People of different categories of life and their problems with respect to distractions were carefully considered. As we have known before now, life in the labour-market or civil service, business personnel or school, apprenticeship or marriage, is not free from obstacles. This book comes in handy to help one with the right mental approach to surmounting the hurdles surrounding men and women in their various areas of life endeavors. The first section of this book deals with distractions that occur within our human body/self and how we can possibly avoid their occurrences. The second section focuses on external distractions, especially as it obtains among learners at various levels of education particularly the secondary and tertiary institutions. Toward the end of the second section a special recommendation is made to government to tackle environmental and administrative factors that play vital distracting roles in the educational system. The third section seeks solution to individual spiritual life problems that destabilizes the wellbeing and effectiveness of an individual’s spiritual connection with divinity. Hints as to what should be avoided to reduce or resolve distractions were also covered. As you read this book, be, rest assured that, by the special grace of God, you will receive useful insights to rooting out distractions in your life.

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