The Role of the Military Chaplain and Religious Accommodation: A Ministry Minefield, Sandy Green, 9781249593676


The United States of America has often been called a “melting pot” of international cultures. The United States military, consequently, has also become increasingly pluralistic, due to the country’s diverse population. The constantly changing nature of the military population presents unique challenges to today’s commander, especially in the area of religious accommodation. As the commander’s chief advisor on religious programming and accommodation issues, the ministry of the military chaplain resembles a minefield, full of threatening and conflicting viewpoints. The purpose of this paper is to look at the chaplain’s historical role in the military, the challenges the chaplaincy must face today, and the current battles that present “life threatening” dangers for military chaplaincy. Finally, a proposed solution to this deadly minefield will be offered in order to preserve the role of the Chaplaincy and its legacy in the United States military.

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