The School Governors’ Handbook, Fred Lockwood, 9780415127073

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The pace of change in education has continued to accelerate since the 1988 Education Act, and even experienced school governors are often bewildered about their duties and responsibilities, as well as what is actually happening in primary and secondary classrooms nowadays. What do school governors do? How can they manage their role most effectively? Written by Ted Wragg and John Partington, two respected experts in the field, this book aims to mix up-to-date information and humour. In this third edition, all sections of the book have been substantially revised to take account of the many changes in governors’ duties that have been brought about by recent legislation. As governors rarely receive any specific training for their important role, this book is a useful guide to the legal and practical aspects of governorship. Sections cover: recent legislative changes in funding and school management; opting out; and governors’ responsibilities, including budgets and staffing.

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