The Trauma Recovery Toolkit: The Cards: A Creative Approach to Psychoeducation (Trauma Recovery Toolkit The), Ian Gilbert, 9781032261829

Author: Ian Gilbert


These flashcards are part of The Trauma Recovery Toolkit and need to be purchased alongside the guidebook for full and effective use. Both can be purchased together as a set: 978-0-367-54690-8 These flashcards are part of The Trauma Recovery Toolkit, a guidebook and flashcard set that has been created to empower individuals living with the effects of trauma and the mental health professionals that support them. Inspired by the latest research surrounding mindfulness, self-compassion, neuroscience and trauma recovery, the resource explores the effect of trauma on the brain and body and offers strategies which may be helpful in combatting the symptoms. The flashcard format enables trauma survivors to creatively respond to visual aids and prompts in a way that is comfortable for them, providing mental health professionals with a more creative and person-centred approach to directing clients towards their own healing journey. This resource comprises: 38 colourful flashcards that can be used as standalone visual aids or as a platform for creative responses A guidebook delving into the individual cards, their meaning and symbolism, and the research behind them Additional resources to support the clients development of their own personalised cards. Weaving together psychoeducation, creativity, symbolism, and the latest neuroscientific research, this essential toolkit offers all professionals working in mental health services a creative way to engage clients with therapy, empowering them to develop habits and ways of being that can support their recovery. Intended for use in educational settings and/or therapy contexts under the supervision of an adult. This is not a toy.

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