The Underground Book of Good and Evil: Part 1: This Book Exposes the Age Old Moral Practices of the People and Defines the True and Revolutionary Morality!, Air Force Institute of Technology, 9781434386175

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My knowledge about the fundamental nature of the human condition—the reality all of us face—is greatly advanced since my first book in 2003. With the addition of this book I have answered all but a few of my questions about Good and Evil and how to live in this world under the circumstances common to it. Citing the predominant problem of the world being the tribalist morality that most people subscribe to I offer an analysis of its essence and how to deal with it. I offer a new morality based on the facts of reality and show how to attain it. The ideas in all of my books represent nothing less than a revolution in the theory of what is considered ‘the Good’! Civilization has never evolved past the ethics of tribalism and actually rules modern day man as it has all throughout the past. Across the world most of the teachings of morality in religion and philosophy revolve around the notion that self sacrifice for another is the highest good. Of course this isn’t what good is at all. Instead, the good is how the individual can live in accordance with his nature as man. His happiness depends on this and if these conditions are not met, then, he will suffer. They aren’t being met by the ‘old’ philosophies of tribalism and to prove my point just look around at the suffering and confusion that most people live in. If you have become disillusioned by life and can discern that it is a result of what the people hold as good, I offer you a way out of your confusion and a way into your happiness.

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