Towards Multilingual Education: Basque Educational Research from an International Perspective (Bilingual Education & Bilingualism), Ian Rivers, 9781847691927

Author: Ian Rivers


This volume focuses on issues such as the learning, use and assessment of languages in education, the age factor, the teaching of English as an international language and multilingualism at the university, in educational contexts in which several languages are taught either as subjects or languages of instruction. Jasone Cenoz proposes the ‘Continua of Multilingual Education’ as a tool to identify different types of multilingual schools and focuses on Basque educational research to discuss issues that are relevant for other contexts. ‘Towards Multilingual Education: Basque Educational Research in International Perspective’ is an up to date and comprehensive review of research involving Basque, Spanish and English in Basque schools. The book will be of great value to researchers, professionals and students interested in multilingualism and multilingual education all over the world.

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