Transcending Dawn, the Deception Study Guide: Teacher’s Edition, Mrs L J Maxie, 9781500929299


Testing, Assessment, and Evaluations This study guide is organized into seven sections with assessment following each activity. Vocabulary activities have been designed to develop and evaluate grade level vocabulary. Prior to reading each chapter, focus writing activities have been included to spur discussion of relevant topics. Study questions will keep students focused as they read the story, while challenging them to make inferences and draw conclusions based on events in the text. A creative writing activity allows the students to present original material while maintaining characterization that is consistent with the original text. This section also utilizes technology, an increasingly important component of our society. A research section will afford the students an opportunity to develop their investigative skills, and then synthesize the material they have gathered into a documented essay. Graphic organizers and rubrics have been included for the teacher’s convenience. Lastly, a student’s section has been included. While this study guide is basically designed for juniors and seniors, it can be modified for any high school class or activity. Associated activities will appeal to the visual, verbal, and kinesthetic learners, while creating an opportunity for peer interaction and effective feedback. These units are also designed to foster parent child interaction by utilizing open social discussions.

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