Trends Reflecting Financial Aid Disbursements: Merit/Need-Based Aid, Jennifer, 9783639159257

Author: Jennifer


The authors investigated the evolution of federal financial assistance directed toward the middle-class. Legislative enactments were examined that have occurred since 1978. The authors reviewed government funding for higher education regionally and the resulting disbursement of need-based versus merit-based financial aid over 6 years, versus merit-based aid. There appeared to be an increase in funding on need-based aid and a decrease in merit-based aid. These trends were not significant but were consistent in part, with Heller’s (2001) national assessment of trends. Dr Burrell is Assistant to the Dean,Summit College The University of Akron.Formally an Assistant and Associate Director of Financial Aid Dr Wright is Associate Professor of Higher Education Leadership at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida where she teaches courses in Higher Education Finance and Leadership

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