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Even though the Department of Defense has named cyberspace as the newest domain of warfare, the United States is not adequately organized to conduct cyber war. United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) is the functional combatant command responsible for cyberspace but suffers from numerous problems that prevent it from properly planning, coordinating, and conducting cyberspace operations. Among the problems facing USSTRATCOM are insufficient manning, an overly diverse mission set, and the recent failures within America’s nuclear enterprise. To overcome USSTRATCOM’s problems and to provide the cyber domain the prominence needed to properly protect the United States, a new functional combatant command for cyberspace must be established. This command, United States Cyberspace Command (USCYBERCOM), should be given responsibility for conducting worldwide cyber attack, defense, and intelligence. USCYBERCOM should also serve as a supporting command to the geographic combatant commanders and must establish an in-theater headquarters presence similar to the land, air, maritime, and special operations forces.

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