Using Technology to Cheat: Can Schools Protect Themselves?, Jennifer, 9783639163919

Author: Jennifer


Cheating has been a problem for educators fordecades. Educators that teach anything fromelementary to college level courses have hadexperience with cheating in some form. In the traditional form, passing notes and cheatsheets have been the form in which most cheating hasoccurred. Catching cheaters can be an extremelydifficult task for some teachers. With the increasingavailability of technology, new forms of cheatinghave evolved. Students are using technology tocheat. Why do these students cheat? What forms oftechnology are in use to cheat? Are America’steachers prepared to deal with the new forms ofcheating? The understanding of common practices will helpreduce instances of cheating students as teachersbecome savvy in the newestforms of cheating.The purpose of Using Technology to Cheat: Can SchoolsProtect Themselves is to investigate the many waysthat technology is being used to cheat onassignments, discuss the problem of cheating, andprepare teachers for students using technology tocheat. A design for a Blackboard course is includedto help teach other educators about methods ofcheating and to help deter academic dishonesty. She has earned a Bachelors of Arts from Nicholls StateUniversity, a Masters ofEducation in Technology, and a Specialist of Education withconcentration in technology from Northwestern State University.Trish Picone has over thirteen years teaching experience. She isthe mother of identical twin girls and the wife of Jeremy.

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