Very Special Maths: Developing thinking and maths skills for pupils with severe or complex learning difficulties, David Stroupe, 9781138195516


All children require mathematical understanding to access as full a life as possible. This practical book explores the curriculum required to accommodate the various difficulties faced by children with severe and profound learning difficulties. It describes how childrens mathematical thinking first develops and how it can be nurtured to ensure real understanding and support essential life skills. Chapters explore key concepts including: quantity recognition and counting sequence and measurement comparisons space and shape time monetary value. Mindful of the diverse challenges faced by teachers and pupils, the book explains the neurological and pedagogical theories that underpin the development of early mathematical thinking. It considers how mathematical skills that will best support childrens everyday functioning can be developed. Practical ideas and activities for application in the classroom are further supported by illustrative diagrams, case studies and detailed online reading to deepen teachers understanding and confidence when working with pupils. An essential and inspiring guide for teachers, special educational needs coordinators, teaching assistants, and parents, this text proves that with the appropriate strategies, each child is able to develop the mathematical skills essential to everyday living.

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