Visions of Reality: What Fundamentalist Schools Teach, Ray C. Rist, 9780879758028

Author: Ray C. Rist


Visions of Reality: what Fundamentalist Schools Teach is an important book for every citizen: every taxpayer, because powerful sectarian special interests and their political allies want all taxpayers to support these schools. Although a majority of Americans have repeatedly shown in referendum elections and opinion polls that they oppose tax support for nonpublic schools, fundamentalist leaders and their political lobbies are putting increasing pressure on Congress and state legislatures to compel taxpayers to support sectarian private schools through “vouchers” or “tuition tax credits”, under the deceptive banner of “school choice”. Albert J. Menendez has carefully examined the most widely used history, English, and science textbooks in fundamentalist private schools. He documents the fact that these schools promote prejudice against people of other faiths, distort history, derogate our literary heritage, cast science in a bad light, and otherwise indoctrinate children with “visions of reality” that are incompatible with public tax support. This timely and important study is the first of its kind and brings to public attention information available from no other source.

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