Visualising Literacy and How to Teach It: A Guide to Developing Thinking Skills, Vocabulary and Imagination for 9-12 Year Olds, Amina Charania, 9781032025773


Technological advances and the way young people interact with them means children are thinking and processing information in an increasingly visual manner. Visualising Literacy and How to Teach It recognises that many, if not most, children are attracted to visual images and uses this as a basis for introducing and developing a range of thinking skills and strategies for learning. This practical resource offers a selection of visuals, each accompanied by activities that give children practice in using their imaginations in different ways. Visualising Literacy and How to Teach It not only explores creative and critical thinking skills but also pays close attention to the overarching thinking skill that we call imagination. The book contains around 150 practical activities that develop childrens imaginations, focussing on a range of thinking skills, including but not limited to the following: developing observational/attentional skills noticing details (focussing of attention) assimilating visual information increasing experience of inferential thinking, speculation, dealing with generalisations boosting vocabulary empowering ones attitude towards exploring ideas learning different questioning techniques increasing the ability to empathise becoming comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity Many of the visualisation techniques can be applied to developing different aspects of emotional resourcefulness, including empathy, positive self-image, anchoring positive thoughts and modifying negative thoughts and feelings. This is, therefore, an essential resource for any teacher or education professional who is keen on developing childrens ability to think and express their own ideas.

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