What Self-Donation Is: Kenosis, Eucharist and Green Religion – Book Two of the Justified Living Trilogy, Jorie Johansen, 9781452034959


About “Uninformed Conscience” John F. Kavanaugh, S.J. says “If a nation or church forms its people to accept assertions blindly, without supporting evidence, it will form a community not of moral agents but of menaces. They may be sincere, but they will be sincere menaces.” [AMERICA, June 21-28, 2010, pg 9] Conscience speaks to the meaning of Eucharist. If we buy in to the Eucharistic Theology of the Cosmic Christ, we must be open to the vital coinage of death. The multiplication of many from one is the miracle of divine/ human hypostasis, the miracle of the largesse of symbiotic life. The amplification of life speaks to the truth that less is more, that unless the seed dies there is no flourishing and amplification of life. Individuality resources multiplicity even as multiplicity resources individuality; spirituality is resurrection-consciousness, the energy of prevision and provision that does not die but transforms and transfers into multiplicity. Resurrection is the consciousness of self-reflective vitality. About Eucharist, right as grain says it best. It is in dying that we live; it is in giving that we receive; that we become one with Other-the personal oneness of Eucharist in the Cosmic Christ. Wisdom is Eucharistic consciousness, the intentional embrace of transformation. In mindfulness we become the “good seed” that greens the greater abundance of life. The greening of life from the dying seed informs the adage “better to give than receive.” And so must be our individual relationship with each other and nature. What Self Donation Is is about living the fulfilled, abundant life of informed conscience, not by blind submission to cultural death as imposed by worldview blindness of staticism and centrism. Faith in absolutism is blind; openness to evolution is visionary. Absolutism misinforms conscience and cultures premature death; transformation informs and matures open life.

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