When Happiness Had a Holiday: Helping Families Improve and Strengthen their Relationships: A Professional Resource (Healthy Mind The), Chris Adcock, 9780367473761

Author: Chris Adcock


For effective use, this book should be purchased alongside the storybook. Both books can be purchased together as a set, When Happiness Had a Holiday: Helping Families Improve and Strengthen their Relationships [9780367860547] Designed to be used alongside the storybook, When Happiness Had a Holiday, this colourful practical resource provides therapists with a variety of activities to engage and support family members as they work towards improving and strengthening their family relationships. Healthy and supportive family relationships are essential to mental health, and as referrals to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services continue to rise, growing research demonstrates the benefit of involving families in the treatment of children and young people facing emotional and mental health difficulties. This resource takes a solution-focused brief therapy approach to working with families, providing professionals with a variety of tools to help family members to recognise their strengths as individuals and as a family, and harness these as they search for solutions together. This book features: A range of worksheets, with activities to help families recognise difficulties, discover solutions and celebrate successes Games focused on encouraging families to recognise their individual and family strengths Guidance for professionals as they use the resource. Fully photocopiable and beautifully illustrated, this is a vital resource for social workers, counsellors, mental health professionals and individual and family psychotherapists working with families and children.

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