Wild Pedagogies: Touchstones for Re-Negotiating Education and the Environment in the Anthropocene (Palgrave Studies in Educational Futures), Kumon Publishing, 9783319901756


This book explores why the concept of wild pedagogy is an essential aspect of education in these times; a re-negotiated education that acknowledges the necessity of listening to voices in a more than human world, and (re)learning how to dwell in a place. As the geological epoch inexorably shifts to the Anthropocene, the authors argue that learning to live in and engage with the world is increasingly crucial in such times of uncertainty. The editors and contributors examine what wild pedagogy can truly become, and how it can be relevant across disciplinary boundaries: offering six touchstones as working tools to help educators forge an onward path. This collaborative work will be of interest to students and scholars of wild pedagogies, alternative education and the Anthropocene, and for all those engaged in re-wilding education. Bob Jickling is Professor Emeritus at Lakehead University, Canada. Sean Blenkinsop is Professor at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Nora Timmerman is Lecturer at Northern Arizona University, USA. Michael De Danann Sitka-Sage (formerly Michael W. Derby) is Researcher at Simon Fraser University, Canada. The Crex Crex Collective includes: Hebrides, I., Independent Scholar; Ramsey Affifi, University of Edinburgh; Sean Blenkinsop, Simon Fraser University; Hans Gelter, Guide Natura & Lule, University of Technology; Douglas Gilbert, Trees for Life; Joyce Gilbert, Trees for Life; Ruth Irwin, Independent Scholar; Aage Jensen, Nord University; Bob Jickling, Lakehead University; Polly Knowlton Cockett, University of Calgary; Marcus Morse, La Trobe University; Michael De Danann Sitka-Sage, Simon Fraser University; Stephen Sterling, University of Plymouth; Nora Timmerman, Northern Arizona University; and Andrea Welz, Sault College. Chapter 1. Why Wild Pedagogies?; The Crex Crex Collective. Chapter 2. On Wilderness and Wildness; The Crex Crex Collective. Chapter 3. On the Anthropocene; The Crex Crex Collective. Chapter 4. On Education; The Crex Crex Collective. Chapter 5. Six Touchstones for a Wild Pedagogy; The Crex Crex Collective. Chapter 6. Afterwords; The Crex Crex Collective.

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