Bird Watching for Dummies


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Bird Watching for Dummies by Bill Thompson III

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    Millions of people worldwide enjoy bird watching; it offers them a chance to get back to nature and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. “Bird Watching For Dummies” covers all the basics of bird watching, leading you on a guided tour of the gorgeous world of birds. From identifying birds by sight and sound to making your own “life list,” you’ll find all the tips and advice you need right here. Whether you’ve been bird watching for years or you’re just starting out, “Bird Watching For Dummies” has all your bases covered. It’s full of practical tips and proven advice to make your bird watching experiences as fun and rewarding as possible. It’s your first aid kit for finding, identifying, feeding, and even housing birds. Plus, there’s more: Designing a bird-friendly backyard Purchasing bird feeders, birdhouses, binoculars, clothing, and more Keeping notes and records of the birds you spot Joining bird clubs, taking field trips, and attending bird festivals Booking bird watching tours that fit your budget and expertise Choosing and using field guides





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