Golf for Dummies


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Golf for Dummies by Gary McCord

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    Tee Up with this Fun and Easy Guide to a Better Golf Game! Inside, You’ll Discover How to: Keep your cool on the course by knowing the rules — and etiquette — of golf Master the Name of the Game: stroke play, match play, scramble, Nassau Get a grip, a stance, and a swing that will really work for you Create your own routine before you tee off — from a wigggle to a waggle Correct your slice, blast out of a bunker, and two-putt on every green Manage the elements: rainy weather, crosswinds, and the four seasons — also known as “Swinging in the Rain” Choose an instructor, buy the right gear, and keep yourself from getting thrown out of the country club Understand “golfspeak” — yips, a mulligan, jiggers, and more — from old terms, to nicknames of the pros, to lingo you hear on the green or on TV Discover The Ten Best Things about Golf (it’s easy to spell) and Ten Uncool Things to Do on the Course (wearing shoe flaps and using colored balls) Learn the importance of warming-up — first your mind, then your body!





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