Medicare For Dummies


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Medicare For Dummies by Patricia Barry

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    The fast and easy way to get up to speed on Medicare Since the creation of Medicare in 1965, significant changes have affected the legislation. With 77 million baby boomers entering the program, questions about what Medicare is and how it affects seniors are certain to arise. Medicare For Dummies addresses this uncertain topic and helps those eligible for Medicare benefits maneuver the complicated process. Topics include: summary of Medicare benefits; Medicare coverage options; Medicare rights and protections; updated information on changes to Medicare based on recent changes in healthcare legislation; how the economy affects Medicare; and more. * Includes up-to-date information on the changing healthcare landscape so recipients can take advantage of the new provisions * Helps readers make sense of Medicare in these uncertain times If you’re one of the millions of Americans looking to get the lowdown on Medicare, this hands-on, friendly guide has you covered.





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