Stretching For Dummies


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Stretching For Dummies by LaReine Chabut

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    Did you long ago learn to fear and dread stretching because of overbearing P.E. teachers who forced you to touch your toes? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Stretching is a powerful tool that can bring you new ease of movement, an increase in your physical capabilities, and deep composure that requires you to do nothing more than breathe. You can always have access to it–and best of all, it’s free “Stretching for Dummies” shows you that stretching is actually easy to do–and reveals how you can reap the amazing benefits of stretching anywhere, anytime. It explains in simple terms how you can stand taller, look thinner, keep stress from getting the best of you, keep your muscles from feeling achy, and nip injuries in the bud. You’ll discover: The why’s, where’s, when’s, and how’s of letting loose and snapping backHow to keep from hurting yourselfThe benefits of stretching with a partnerHow to target specific areas: such as head, shoulders, knees, and toesThe art of breathing correctlyHow to use stretching to sooth lower back painStretches to start and end your day rightStretches you can do at your deskStretches for various stages of life–including stretches for kids and seniors





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