कालिदास के मेघदूत की छंद मीमांसा, Mamta Sharma, 9781989416594

Author: Mamta Sharma
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. – – – , – . . A Research Work on the Prodosy of the epic poem of Meghdoot of the Great Poet Laureate Kalidas. While writing the Epic of Meghdoot, poet Kalidas, in order to make the language ornate and most beautiful, as well as to prove the coherence of the short and long vowels according to the formula of the meters, what intricacies he had to go through is explained here in a systematic manner. The same complex problems were faced by poet Kalidas while writing his two other great works, Ritu-Samhar and Shakuntala. The analysis of the meters in these both epics is given in our next two books. It is hoped that this study will inspire and provide ample material for the thinkers, students and the research scholars.

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