Abraham Lincoln’s Intellectual Development: and His New Salem Mentors, 1809 – 1837 – A NEW EDITION, Nagel, Paula, 9781644381816

Author: Nagel, Paula


Book I is a narrative study of Abraham Lincoln’s intellectual, emotional and character growth from childhood to adulthood. This book examines Abraham’s fourteen-year frontier life in Pigeon Creek, Indiana. There he was known as the boy with ax and book working in the forests and the fields. Reading was his window to the world. Later as a young adult in New Salem, he impressed people with his intellect, leadership ability and engaging personality. There he gained intensive tutoring that advanced his education, affirmed the intellect and provided psychological and financial support from its citizens. New Salem offered a broad foundation that led to his renowned career as a legislator and lawyer. Book II explores Abe’s close relationships with Mentor Graham, bowling Green, John Allen, Jack Kelso, Arminda Rogers, John Rutledge, and John Stuart, New Salem mentors. Vito(Vic) Silvestri, Ph.D Emeritus Professor (Emerson), author of BECOMING JFK: PROFILE IN COMMUNICATION (Praeger, 2000); co-author with Alfred Lairo.

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