Adolescent Girls’ Embodied Identities, Jennifer, 9783639160833

Author: Jennifer
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Schools are institutions that produce and reproducethe meanings society has given to the construction ofthe body. Adolescent girls try to navigate thephysical changes that occur within their bodies andcompare themselves to their peers and the sociallyconstructed idealized female body. Girls’ lack ofknowledge about their own bodies combined with powerinfluences challenge girls’ ability to understandtheir embodied selves. These issues are magnified inphysical education due to the public nature of theenvironment, where students’ bodies are on displayand can be surveyed and judged by others. This bookprovides insight on how adolescent girls perceive andfeel about their bodies and how they navigate ways tofeel comfortable within their own bodies and thephysical education environment. Girls’ voices arerepresented through student-centered exploratoryprojects that are also provided in this book. Theresults should inform physical educators, parents,and students on factors that influence girls’embodied identities and why it is important toprovide opportunities for their voices to be heard. Jennifer L. Fisette, EdD: Studied Physical Education TeacherEducation at University of Massachusetts Amherst. AssistantProfessor of Physical Education Teacher Education at Kent StateUniversity, Kent, Ohio, USA.

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