Asian American Voices from College, Sellars, Dr Maura, 9783639045260


“Han” is a Korean word meaning “one, single, or same.” It describes unity of mind, but can also describe multiple feelings of frustration, sorrow, and insatiable desire. Asian American Voices from College is an interpretative narrative of students” Han identity transformation as they make sense of their college educational experiences. Dr. Einsiedler combines sociological, psychological, and historical cultural perspectives, psychosocial conflicts of family and institution, and tensions between mono- and pan-ethnic Han. “This book is an engaging groundbreaking treatise on a very complicated and under researched issue in higher education. No other work has dealt so thoughtfully with the way Asian Americans attempt to mediate the multiple realities they face as students. This book challenges “Model Minority” assumptions about Asian Am students and establishes new parameters for research in educational studies. Asian Am Voices from College is a truly important and unique contribution to the field and a must-read for scholars, practitioners, and policy makers of multicultural diversity in Higher Education.” Dr. Susan Franzosa Dean Graduate Education Fairfield University Degr ees: Ph. D. Education (Uni versity of New Hampshire); MA Microbiology (Boston University) Work: CEO Research: Learning Styles Pedagogy in Higher Education; Multigenerational Diversity and Employee Engagement in the Workplace Detailed Resume at URL: http://

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