Becoming an Outstanding Music Teacher (Becoming an Outstanding Teacher), Susanna M. Steeg, 9780367631734


Becoming an Outstanding Music Teacher shows how music teachers can provide a curricular and co-curricular experience to inspire and engage students, deliver memorable music lessons, and give every child access to great music. Drawing on a decade of education research, this book focuses on the three facets of music teaching: performance, composition, and how to listen, understand, and explain. This practical book argues that the future of music teaching is best assured by filling classrooms with knowledge and with passion, by informing teaching through intentional use of good research, and by building effective relationships. Exploring what makes music teachers stand out, as well as that which links them with all other teachers, this book covers a vital and diverse range of lesson ideas and practical guidance, including: Teaching music through composition Making the most of the rehearsal room and directing an ensemble How to make best use of classroom time Setting goals, assessment, deliberate practice, and feedback Mastery in music Encouraging all music teachers to reflect upon and develop their craft, this text is essential reading for both newly qualified and experienced music teachers alike.

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