Exploring the Meaning and Function of Learner Intent, Jennifer, 9783639164718

Author: Jennifer


Understanding how learner intent affects learning isvital for educators and participants involved in anylearning situation. This study explains and exploresthe concept of a learner intent for students involvedin online learning situations. The results of thisstudy show that the intentions of students for thelearning expected of them affects the quality of thelearning that occurs. What may be missing in manylearning situations is students reflecting onthemselves as learners, specifically, reflecting ontheir true intentions for learning. Reflectivereasoning, thinking about one’s commitment tolearning and the quality of that learning, can be acatalyst in the formation of efficacious learnerintent. This understanding is central to theidentification of effective strategies forencouraging students to develop worthy learner intentleading to increased learning. Dr. Davies is an assistant professor of Instructional Psychologyand Technology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, USA.

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