New to the Field of Education: What Now?, Williams, Angela, Aprn Edd, 9783639092783


Early years of teaching can be very challenging. Since first years are different from what has gone before and what comes after, these years represent a special time in a teacher’s career. The story of novice teaching usually revolves around several themes: reality shock, the lonely struggle to survive, and a loss of idealism. Helping teachers develop strong efficacy beliefs and experience high job satisfaction early in their career will pay lasting dividends. However, teacher educators need to know which factors influence job satisfaction and teacher efficacy, especially during the early years of teachers’ development. To gain a more in depth understanding of novice teachers’ job satisfaction, this study focused on novice teachers’ needs, experiences, support mechanisms, efficacy and work related factors such as collegial relationships, student behaviors and administrative support. Information presented in this book can be useful to pre- and in-service teachers, university trainers, administrators, other educators, and policy makers. zkan zgn (Ph.D., Syracuse University, New York) is currently an Assistant Professor at Cukurova University in Early Childhood Education Department. He earned his Ph.D. in Child and Family Studies. His research interests include development in sociocultural and historical context, efficacy beliefs, family stress, and social support.

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