Overcoming Barriers to Participation of Refugee & Asylum Seeking Youth in the Post- Secondary Trinbagonian Classroom: Critical Perspectives and Solutions to Educational Exclusion, Jorie Johansen, 9781952751202

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The concept of inclusion is an ideal that most modern or civilized societies claim to have embraced. Yet, the term brings with it many facets, ideologies, idiosyncrasies and annexed clauses, hence any society claiming to be ‘inclusionary’ needs to be cautious about defining what ‘inclusion’ encompasses, and outlining just how inclusive it wishes, or is able, to be.This manuscript traces educational exclusion of refugee and asylum-seeking youths (POC youths) who have sought sanctuary in Caribbean islands like Trinidad & Tobago, and strategies and models that faculty could use to improve these students’ educational situation. It presents an analysis of their situations while considering Hockings (2010) core definition of Inclusive learning and teaching in higher education.

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