Population, Resources and Environment: 2018-2019, Elaine Miles, 9781524952679


Population continues to be important and dynamic – and thus an ever-fascinating topic. It has major consequences for all in terms of transportation (e.g., congestion and environmental impacts – Route 18 and Route 1), planning facilities for the future (e.g., schools or dormitory space at the University), socially (e.g., residential segregation by age, social class, etc.), and politically (e.g., the state versus municipalities). This is but one small example. Issues such as abortion, legal and illegal immigration, health care and others are almost constant topics of debate. Individually, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, population’s impacts are numerous, diverse, and crucial. Students will leave Population, Resources and Environment: 2018-2019 with an appreciation for and an understanding of these facts.

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