Principles of Military Communications for C3i, Ian Gilbert, 9781288306572


This paper attempts to develop a coherent group of previously uncodified basic concepts, military communications principles, to provide qualitative theoretical linkage in support of the tenets of U.S. AirLand Battle Doctrine. Further, the proposed communications principles are neither technology dependent nor combat operations inhibiting, but should govern the development and implementation of communications in support of command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I) at the tactical and operational levels of war. To ensure requisite C3I communications, basic concepts must be both rigorous and clear. The five (5) operational principles presented in this paper–CONTINUNITY, HOMOGENEITY, VERSATILITY, SECURITY and SIMPLICITY–present a starting point for the development of military communication theory in support of current operational doctrine, and are supported by historical antecedents. Along with each operational principle the supporting subordinate elements and their associated qualitative criterion are developed and presented. Finally, a chapter on implications for system design describes a conceptual military communications system founded on the principles developed and discussed in this paper.

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