Singing in the 20th Century, Marge Scherer, 9781418430689

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A book of recollection, Singing in the Twentieth Century looks at a century of the world’s singing through a prism of pedagogy. Based primarily within a discussion of a century’s teaching of singing, the book illustrates many strengths and occasional weaknesses in outstanding performances that demonstrate aspects of learning to sing. Sometimes the anomalies that occur in performances, and in careers, express the artist’s thinking about singing, and these have implications for the study of singing. Contained in Singing in the Twentieth Century are chapters on basic vocal technique and classifications of women’s and men’s voices. Other chapters outline the passages of vocal register, using the vowels for singing, legato technique, and resonance and color. The book is completed with a miscellaneous chapter on vocal problems, strategies for teaching singing, and finally, ethics and thought regarding singing and the teaching of singing.

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