Tests That Work: Designing and Delivering Fair and Practical Measurement Tools in the Workplace, Alexander, Robin, 9780787945961


The only practical business resource available that shows you how to use tests to assess skills and values in the workplace!Loaded with figures, tips, checklists, and examples, Tests That Work gives you everything you need to use assessments responsibly and effectively at your organization.You know the effects of mediocre workplace performance: reduced profitability, poor productivity, and diminished customer and employee satisfaction. But while you know the effects, finding the causes can seem nearly impossible. Do some of your employees need to improve their execution of basic tasks? Should some of your employees work on expanding their knowledge? How can you answer these questions? Tests enable you to find answers such as these. But many organizations are afraid to use assessments: test development and execution is complicated. Bad tests can seem punishing or offensive, and yield inconclusive or incorrect results.That’s why noted consultant Odin Westgaard brings you Tests That Work, the only practical resource available that shows you how to use tests to assess skills and values in the workplace. Westgaard offers you invaluable advice whether you’re developing and administering tests-or merely selecting them. “Confusion has reigned in the realms of tests, testing, and calibrating human performance. Until now. This book will be on my desk – the shelf is too far away!” -Roger Kaufman, professor and director, office for needs assessment and planning, Florida State University; co-editor, The Guidebook for Performance Improvement”This is one valuable book I won’t loan to anyone. I’d never get it back! It’s that good.” -Kery Mortenson, senior site training specialist, Abbott Laboratories You’ll learn how to: * Test organizational attitudes* Examine test validity and reliability* Manage ethical issues related to test administration* Evaluate and report test results …and more! You’ll use tests to: * discover where training is needed * determine whether training was successful* analyze an organizational culture assess opinions and preferences * and more! Whether you’re a manager who’s considering using tests at your organization, a human resource development professional who’s designing and implementing tests for your clients, or an educator or student engaged in the study or practice of assessment – this is the resource for you!

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