The 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry: The Groundhog Regiment, Jorie Johansen, 9781452033877


The 26th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry: The Groundhog Regiment is the gripping story of the men and boys who valiantly fought to preserve their country’s glory during the Civil War. These brave souls were among the first to answer the Union’s call to duty and among the last to be mustered home. They proudly adopted the nickname, “The Groundhog Regiment,” as the rodent’s agility and determination epitomized their strengths. The Old 26th played a pivotal role in numerous major western theater campaigns and battles, from the early conflicts in western Virginia and Shiloh to the bloody fields of Stones River, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Kennesaw, Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville. After the war’s end, the veterans yearned to write their regiment’s history as so many other units had done. Regrettably, the high price of publishing proved to be too steep for the soldiers, and their dream of telling their story died with them. The descendant of two veterans of the 26th Ohio, Jeffrey A. Hill resurrected their dream and brought it to fruition. Meticulously researched, this history is based on over three hundred primary source documents from the soldiers. From the daily struggles of the privates to the internal anguish of Colonel Fyffe and the other senior commanders, the history offers an intriguing insight into the men who preserved the Union. The book chronicles the involvement of the 26th Ohio from the initial fervor following Fort Sumter, throughout the War, and the post-war activities of the veterans. The appendices include an updated roster, list of burial sites, and a photo gallery. The history is a lasting tribute to the men who so bravely fought to protect what they held most dear: their country. At long last, here is their story…

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