The Well Being of Children As Viewed through Their Conceptions of Death, Williams, Angela, Aprn Edd, 9783639094169


An explorative study was conducted to try and understand how young children’s emerging death concepts form including, (a) what family demographics and child factors contributed to family well-being, (b) did family well-being influence children’s social competence, and (c) did family well-being and children’s social competence influence children’s death conceptions. Although the subject of death contains many unique characteristics, it is not easily separated from other aspects of life; death is inseparable from the whole human experience (DeSpelder & Strickland, 2002). It was the assumption of this paper that children develop their conceptions of death based on the appreciation they hold for life; based on children’s growth in pro-social behavior, self-worth, spirituality, values, and morals. Jennifer A. Kampmann, M.S.: Early Childhood Education Instructor & Assessment Coordinator; South Dakota State University; South Dakota.

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