Western Multicultural Education and Japanese Educational System, Jennifer, 9783639164206

Author: Jennifer


Modern Japanese society is affected by variousoutside influences, particularly from Westerncountries, which come to bear most on young people.Historically, outside influences were found to be nonsignificant in Japan until modern times; after theopening of Japan, the society as whole maintained abalance between influences and its cultural identity.However, the current Japan is different; a majorityof young people are renouncing their traditionalidentity and are turning to Western popular culture.A number of studies addressing the relationshipbetween the American and Japanese educational systemshave concluded that Japan is following North Americantrends in various fields. The goal of this conceptualanalysis is to examine the nature and extent ofcultural diversity in Japan, define the meaning ofmulticultural education in the North American andJapanese contexts, and consider the relevance ofmulticultural education to Japanese education. Thisbook will be of interest to professionals studyingmulticultural education, particularly its applicationto the Japanese educational system, and will alsoappeal to a wider audience drawn to Japan’s history,culture and society. Ryoko Wada, M.A. Her studies at McGill University focused onculture and values in education. She currently lives and works inMontreal as a translator and Japanese language instructor.

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